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Wedding Cupcake Decorations
Ideas for decorating wedding cupcakes are infinite! Decorate wedding cupcakes with sprinkles, chocolates, candies, monogrammed fondant shapes, tall towers of frosting and more.

Some of our favorite ideas for decorating wedding cupcakes are:

- Customize the icing or frosting colors to match your wedding colors and use a pastry bag fitted with a star shaped tip to apply large mounds of frosting to each cake. Stack them on your cupcake stand alternating the colors. This is a simple yet elegant way to display your wedding cupcakes with a minimum of work.

Cupcakes with Monograms
Photo by Carrie's Cakes

- Using pre-made fondant or gum paste, cut out thin heart shapes or other desired shape using a heart shaped cookie cutter and let the shapes dry until hard. Using icing or frosting and a small round pastry tip, write your monogram on each heart. After frosting hardens, place fondant or gum paste shape on top of cupcake. For example, see the photo below from Carrie's Cakes.

Types of Cupcake Sprinkles & Decortations

Here is a list of different types of sprinkles & decorations for wedding cake and cupcake decorating:

Sugar Pearls

Silver Dragees

Gold Dragees

Pink Dragees

Sugar Crystals


Sprinkles / Jimmies

Edible Gold Leaf

Petal Dust / Luster Dust / Sparkle Dust

Molded Sugar Decorations

Gum Paste Flowers or Gum Past Cut-Outs

Fondant cut-outs or Fondant Shapes

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