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Bridal Shower Cupcakes for Wedding Showers
Cupcakes are great way to serve desert at bridal showers!


Cupcakes for a bridal shower are an easy way to provide dessert to wedding or bridal shower guests. Decorate wedding shower cupcakes with bridal themes such as wedding dresses made from gum paste, wedding rings drawn in icing, or decorate wedding shower cupcakes with the bride's favorite flowers. One great advantage to using cupcakes for bridal showers is that they are affordable and can be made DIY by the bridesmaids.

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The photos above are all examples of bridal shower cupcakes. Because bridal showers only have a fraction of the guests of a wedding, you can use smaller cupcake stands to display the cupcakes. You can use antique cake plates and stack them on top of each other, or buy smaller wire cupcake stands from Crate and Barrel (pictured on the left) to display the bridal shower cupcakes. Get creative and have fun! :)

Bridal shower cupcakes also make great wedding shower favors for guests to bring home. You can also have a wedding shower cupcake decorating station where guests can decorate their own wedding shower cupcakes, and the bride can choose wich one she thinks is the prettiest - what a cute game for a bridal shower!

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